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Print Raffle Ticketsprint tickets screen


Printing features:

 • Print Tickets consecutively or in booklet    format

 • Start with any number

 • Place multiple consecutive number fields on same ticket

 • Print random numbers in addition to consecutive numbers.

• Print Sections, Rows, and Seat numbers

 • Use leading 0's or not.

 • Print "No." before numbers. Or not.



Graphics Managerselect image screen


The Select an Image screen displays the literally 100's of images that are included with TicketMeister PRO. Of course, you can add as many more of your own photos and pics as you would like.

And, each graphic can be re-sized, stretched and rotated to fit whatever ticket size or format you are using.

Use any .jpg, .bmp, .tif, or .pcx image file. Color and black and white. Even create background watermarks.

Images provided include:

    • Fraternal Organization Logos 

    • US Military Symbols    

    • Holiday and Seasonal Pics

    • And many more . . .