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What it Prints

1-on, 2-on, 3-on bingo cards

Directly onto Pop-Out bingo paper
Play Bingo Poker

8 1/2" x 11" and 8 1/2" x 14"

Portrait or Landscape
Variable size boards

Windows 2000, NT, XP, VISTA and Versions 7, 8, 10
Stand-alone program - Does NOT require MS Word or any other software
FREE Software Updates
Includes Includes Heavy Duty Pop-Out bingo Clipboard (holds our standard pop-out bingo sheets)
Includes graphics database of 100's of interesting and fun images
Prints time-stamped bingo call lists for game verification
Create bingo cards with numbers, images OR text
Create POKER cards using a full deck and Play Bingo Poker
Design bingo sheets with as many boards as you can fit on the paper
Add consecutive number fields on each bingo board
Built-in electronic "Bingo Caller" with digital display (even calls playing cards for Poker)
Use background images and watermarks on bingo cards
Image and text layering
Print history of all bingo calls with individual time stamps
Rich Text Formatting, rotatable text fields
Backup and Restore bingo layouts to other PC's
Print bingo boards in Portrait or Landscape orientation
Personalize bingo boards with photos and graphics
Use graphics, clip art and logos
Print background images and watermarks.
No use restrictions - No meters
Built-in electronic User Manual and Help Index search

In The Box
BingoMeister CD ROM
Includes 25 hole, heavy duty plastic pop-out Clipboard
Starter Kit of blank, pop-out bingo card paper (Clips onto and overlays holes in pop-out clipboard)
Blank and printed samples of all bingo formats
Quick Reference User's Guide
Color Swatch booklets showing available bingo board colors